LENS Automatic PDF Attachment

LENS PDF Generator automates document creation and attachment, ensuring efficient workflow integration with customizable options for seamless document management.

Business Benefits


Time Saved

with automated PDF generation


Error Reduction

in document handling


Workflow Efficiency

improvement in processes

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Business Challenges

Dealing with manual document attachments is frustrating and error-prone, causing delays and inefficiencies. This process often leads to mistakes, inconsistent documentation, and reduced productivity.

Manual handling of documents is labor-intensive and inefficient.
Increased risk of errors when attaching documents manually.
Inconsistent attachment processes can lead to missing or incorrect information.
Employees spend significant time on administrative tasks instead of strategic activities.

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Business Solution

Transform your document management with LENS—an advanced tool that automates PDF generation and attachment processes seamlessly. Effortlessly convert source documents into PDFs and attach them to specified target documents. Customize your experience with additional functions like language preferences and file naming conventions, tailored to meet your unique requirements. Discover how LENS can enhance efficiency and accuracy in your workflow—explore more about our comprehensive solution today.

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