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Bill Of Materials

A Bill of Materials (BOM) is like a recipe for manufacturing, guiding the assembly of products. In cloud-based manufacturing, it's crucial for accuracy and efficiency. The BOM is structured in a hierarchy, starting from the final product and breaking down into sub-assemblies and components. It includes details like names, IDs, descriptions, quantities, costs, supplier info, and technical spec.


Material Resource Planning

Material Resource Planning (MRP) is an essential tool in manufacturing for optimizing resource utilization and meeting production demands effectively. It helps track materials needed for production, ensuring minimal wastage and efficient use of resources. MRP systems aid in aligning production schedules with demand forecasts, enhancing overall productivity and profitability.


Item Variant

Suppose you produce laptops in various models and configurations. It's crucial to track each type of laptop and its variants, known as item variants. In LENS, the main laptop is stored as an item template, and each variation is stored as an item variant. You can store any attribute, such as processor type or RAM size, for each laptop variant.


Diverse Measurement Units

Empower your inventory management with precise measurement flexibility. Seamlessly manage multiple units for your inventory with configurable conversion factors. Streamline sales, purchases, and stock transactions effortlessly with our system. Say farewell to limitations and welcome the freedom to measure materials as you see fit.

Case Studies in Action

LENS Automatic PDF Attachment

LENS PDF Generator automates document creation and attachment, ensuring efficient workflow integration with customizable options for seamless document management.

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LENS Weekly Report

Lens Weekly Report provides detailed insights into order volumes and performance metrics, empowering informed decision-making and strategic optimizations.

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Condition Structuring

Enhance operational efficiency with a flexible condition structuring system, enabling advanced calculations and seamless management of complex business rules.

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